Grade RRR & RR
Grade R
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Grade RRR & RR

Our educational philosophy is founded upon Jean Piaget’s Cognitive Developmental Theories of how children think and learn. In addition, we incorporate many activities and teaching methods that are based on the Montessori Method of teaching and the CAPS curriculum used in the government schools. Our teachers and class assistants are well qualified and have many years of experience working with the children.

When developing our curriculum, the following criteria were considered:

  •  Children experience and learn from their environment through play.
  •  Children’s learning is influenced by the opportunities for play that are provided for them.
  •  The child’s stage of development must be taken into consideration when providing opportunities for play and learning.

The outdoor play area has climbing apparatus, swings, and sandpits, water-play and sensopathic trays to encourage active play and gross-motor development.
In all the classes from the 18 months to Grade R, the teachers make use of themes in order to teach the children concepts in an enjoyable and interesting way.
Dinkyland uses the Letterland Reading Programme in all classes to introduce children to sounds, letters and words. (4yrs and up)
Daily and weekly developmental games and exercises are included in the class routine. These help to develop ball skills and stimulate gross-motor development, as well as encourage teamwork and sportsmanship.

Music, movement and percussion activities are taught daily and weekly by the class teachers and the principal.
We have regular visits by interesting organizations, fire brigade, nurses, dentist and puppet shows to educate our little ones.

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