More About Dinkyland Castle!

Dinkyland Castle Nursery School was founded by the dynamic mother and daughter team Liza de Lange and Marishe de Lange and is under their ownership since 1994. Zoey de Lange joined Dinkyland in 2017 and now the team is made up of 3 generations of dynamic woman who has a passion and heart for children and education.

At Dinkyland we offer a one stop facility were we have a developmentally appropriate learning environment for babies & toddlers, pre-schoolers, Grade R and an After Care facility for the older learners. We have English and Afrikaans classes. Our teachers and caregivers are qualified, dedicated and nurturing to each and every pupil’s needs. The school is situated in a quiet and tranquil environment and have fully equipped classrooms with separate play areas.
Every step is rewarding, every drawing a unique piece of art and each new syllable a future voice to shape a generation.

The awards at Dinkyland are more than engraved silverware or decorated certificates – it is in the knowledge that when your child leaves our care, we have made a difference to their future.

Dinkyland Team

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