Kwanda Kinderkinetics

Recent research has shown, however, that regular physical activity and movement benefit more than just the body – they actually augment brain function. Movement supplies brain cells with oxygen, promotes the production of new brain cells and aids in creating new synapses.

Kinderkinetics is an exciting specialized paediatric field which aims to increase the total well-being of typically developing children between 0 to 13 years of age. This is done by stimulating, promoting and rectifying age specific neuro-motor and physical skills.

Our teachers are all trained to follow a program that was developed by an experienced and qualified Kinderkineticist. We have regular meetings with her where we discuss any difficulties that our princes and princesses might experience. She works out a program for these little ones where we work with other professionals to help these little ones to achieve all their milestones.

Our parents gets monthly blogs, videos and information on how to assist their little ones at home.

We have seen tremendous results with this program and our teachers are super excited to present this program to our little ones.

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